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The distinctive voice, the memorable quotes from drunken character to tough guy to lover. There is probably no one actor more quoted or misquoted than Bogart. If only you could have a nickel for every time someone imitated him you would have an immediate annuity for life.

The African Queen

Bad Sister

  • Bogart's scenes 1 (1.9 MB) ALL of Bogart's scenes, in a continuous stream, a Ray Papa creation. (WARNING: If you have a dialup connection, this is going to take a LONG time to download.)
  • Bogart's scenes 2 (1.8 MB) ALL of Bogart's scenes, part 2.
  • Bogart's scenes 3 (1.9 MB) ALL of Bogart's scenes, part 3.

Beat the Devil

The Big Sleep

The Caine Mutiny


In a Lonely Place

Key Largo

The Maltese Falcon

The Petrified Forest

To Have and Have Not

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre


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