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In This Our Life
This was director John Huston's second film, and, in the roadhouse scene, the stars of his first film, "The Maltese Falcon," are seen sitting at a table (Humphrey Bogart, Mary Astor, Peter Lorre, Sydney Greenstreet, Ward Bond, Barton MacLane and Elisha Cook, Jr.). Lee Patrick, who also appeared in "The Maltese Falcon," appears in a supporting role in this one as well.

How to Marry a Millionaire
Lauren Bacall, who was then married to Bogie, says in conversation, "That old man in 'The African Queen', I'm crazy about him."

A Star Is Born
A drunk requests that Judy Garland sing the song "Melancholy Baby." The drunk is played by an extra, but the voice is that of Humphrey Bogart.

The Great Sioux Massacre
The screenwriter is credited as "Fred C. Dobbs," the name of Bogie's character in "Treasure of the Sierra Madre." In reality, the screenwriter was Marvin Gluck. The film was based on a story by Gluck and the director, Sidney Salkow.

Hook, Line and Sinker
Peter J. Ingers (Jerry Lewis) poses as an Australian sheepherder named Fred C. Dobbs.

Hollywood Boulevard
The "actor" who cons Candy into robbing a bank is named Duke Mantee, and his partner, who double-crosses them, is named Rico Bandello. Duke Mantee, of course, was the name of Bogie's character in "Petrified Forest," and Rico Bandello was the name of the gangster played by Edward G. Robinson in "Little Caesar."

Road to Bali
Bob Hope, Bing Crosby and Dorothy Lamour are running through the jungle when they come upon Bogart pulling the African Queen through the muck. Hope says it must have been a mirage, whereupon Crosby stoops down, picks up an Academy Award, and says "Then how do you explain this, Humphrey Bogart's Oscar?!" Submitted by Bogeybart

Road to Rio
When Dorothy Lamour slaps Bing Crosby's face, a surprised Bing says "Baby!" and Hope quips "She acts more like Bogey!" Submitted by Bogiebart

The Honeymooners
In the episode "Alice Plays Cupid," Alice wants to fix up Ralph's traffic manager with a girlfriend. Ralph objects and tells Alice the girl is a monster. Alice says, "Ralph Cramden, who are you to talk about someone else's looks? You're no Humphrey Bogart, you know." Ralph responds, "No, but she is!" Submitted by Bogiebart and Brian Collins

À Bout de Souffle (a.k.a. Breathless)
In this 1960 Jean-Luc Godard film, the lead character, Michel Poiccard (alias Laszlo Kovacs), played by Jean-Paul Belmondo, is a young thug who romantically models himself on Bogart. Submitted by Christopher Erickson

Lost in Yonkers
In this Neil Simon movie, Jay tells off his Uncle Louie by saying, "You come in here acting like you're Humphrey Bogart or somethin'. Well, you're no Humphrey Bogart!" Submitted by Jessica Eisenberg

The Rockford Files
Rockford says, "I think someone was murdered." The response: "Like some old Bogie movie, huh?" Submitted by J.D. Clark

In one episode, the baby, Tommy, accidentally disappears. His Grandpa Lou starts to play private investigator to locate him. Much of his investigation takes place at a strip mall, where the name of the grocery store is "Greenstreet's Groceries" and there is an ice cream store called "Humphrey's Yogurt." I am sure there are other stores named after Bogie co-stars but I haven't seen them yet. Submitted by J.D. Clark

The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour
When the gang is in Mexico with guest star Maurice Chevalier, Lucy gets arrested for smuggling, and Ricky calls the Navy to get her out. After talking to Ricky, the officer hangs up and says, "Actors! I've been leery of actors ever since I saw 'The Caine Mutiny!'" Submitted by J.D. Clark

The Golden Girls
When Sophia is trying to get away from her daughter Dorothy during a vacation to Disney World, she goes into a bar where an black man is at the piano and says, "Hey, Sam, you know what I wanna hear." He replies, "No, I don't." She says, "C'mon, I can stand it. You can play it for her, you can play it for me. Play it, Sam." He shrugs and begins to play "It's a Small World After All." At that point, Dorothy walks in looking for her. Sophia turns to the piano player and says, "Of all the gin joints in all the world, she had to walk into mine." Submitted by Jessica

La Boum
In this French movie (set in the early 80s), a college girl falls in love with a college boy. Her mother is a cartoonist, much like Bogie's mother Maud. Her father is a doctor, like Bogie's father. Once they get together, the boy gives a present to the girl: a whistle, as in Bogie & Bacall's case! Also, the girl has a very special relationship with her grandmother, as was the case for Lauren Bacall. Submitted by Helen Breddy

One Night
In Abbot and Costello's first film, the heavy, played by William Frawley, grabs a woman by the arm and tries to strong-arm her out the door. The woman says, "Who do you think you are, Humphrey Bogart?," whereupon an excited Costello begins to point and says, "OOOH, Humphrey Bogart! Can I have your autograph?" Submitted by Bogeybart

Carlito's Way
Al Pacino is running a disco, and while counting cash he says, "I'm playing a heavy, like Humphrey Bogart."

"No Stinkin' Badges"
The "no stinkin' badges" line from Treasure of the Sierra Madre may just be the most highly parodied line from any Bogart movie, if not all movies. Check out Darryl Lee's excellent No Stinking Badges site for an extensive listing.

The Red Skelton Show
Red, who is parked with his girl, says "In the moonlight you look just like a movie star." She asks, "Who, Hideous (Hedy) Lamarr?" He replies, "No, Humphrey Bogart!" Submitted by Bogeybart

Disney's Recess
At the beginning of the episode "This Brain For Hire," Mikey refers to a new bike as "the stuff dreams are made of." Submitted by David Ganssle

Disney's Teacher's Pet
In the episode "Fifi," Pretty Boy the canary (voiced by Jerry Stiller) reminisces about an old love, commenting, "Of all the pet shops in the world, she walks into mine," and in the episode "No Substitutions, Please," the character Scott answers a question about the city of Casablanca, and starts going off on a tangent about the movie. Submitted by David Ganssle

The Big Red One
Zeb is reading a letter from home and says, "I'll be a son of a bitch. My mother sold my novel to Hollywood for Humphrey Bogart and Edward G. Robinson."Submitted by Bogeybart

Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace
There is a statue shaped like the Maltese Falcon in Senator Palpatine's office. Submitted by David Ganssle

Christmas in Connecticut (1945)
Felix Bassenak, played by S.Z. Sakall, twice calls Sydney Greenstreet's character (Alexander Yardley) "Fat Man." Submitted by Kevin Karcher

Invisible Stripes
There's a poster for You Can't Get Away With Murder on display outside the movie theater. Submitted by your webmaster

The Simpsons
In the "Three Men and a Comic Book" episode, Bart, Milhouse and Martin buy a rare old comic book. As they open the mylar bag, Martin says "the stuff dreams are made of." The three then go on to have a "Treasure of the Sierra Madre"-type of ending.Submitted by Brian Heverling

Dead Reckoning
Bogie makes a smart crack to his soon-to-be-barbecued Army buddy, "When you get the Congressional Medal of Honor, maybe the president will even let you sit on his piano" (OK, I'm paraphrasing, but that's pretty close). Well, of course, who is in that famous 1947 photo perched atop Harry Truman's paino while the Chief Exec tinkles the ivories? Lauren Bacall! Submitted by Chris Dickerson

In "Deadline USA," at the "wake" for the newspaper, a female reporter drunkenly confesses that one of her disappointments was never getting assigned as a correspondent to Paris. Later, Bogie gives her another drink and confides, "Y'know, I never got to Paris either." Rick never got to Paris? Submitted by Chris Dickerson

Two For The Road
Albert Finney turns to Audrey Hepburn, tightens his upper lip, and snarls, "Baby, the jig is up," when their posh hotel catches them smuggling in food (Finney, by the way, does a terrible Bogart impression). Submitted by Chris Dickerson

Finney, a London night-club comic, gets involved in a "Big Sleep"-style mystery, wears a trench coat through the film, chain-smokes unfiltered Lucky Strikes, does his Bogie impression a couple more times (no improvement since '67), and makes it clear to his shrink that he's a big Bogart fan. Submitted by Chris Dickerson

What's Up Doc?
Barbra Streisand keeps calling Ryan O'Neal "Steve" (instead of the character's real name, Howard) at the beginning of the film. In the following scene, Streisand lies atop a piano and gives an "Of all the gin joints..." speech. O'Neal then joins her in a rendition of "As Time Goes By." Submitted by Alex Wood

Something's Gotta Give
Diane Keaton says to Jack Nicholson about a trip to France they think about taking, "We'll always have Paris." Submitted by Brian Heverling

The Simpsons
In the "Barting Over" episode, Bart becomes emancipated and moves out of the house. While visiting with new neighbor, skateboarder Tony Hawk, he is seen by Homer on a live web-feed. Homer, with highball glass in hand, says: "Of all the sites on all the webs, I had to click onto his." 'As Time Goes By' plays in the background. Submitted by Brian Heverling

The Simpsons
In the "Natural Born Kissers" episode, Bart is using a metal detector and finds a film cannister marked 'Casablanca'-alternate ending. Submitted by Brian Heverling

The Simpsons
In the "Boy-Scoutz N the Hood" episode, Milhouse tells Bart, "Don't Bogart that Squishee!!" Submitted by Brian Heverling

There is an episode of M*A*S*H titled "Major Fred C. Dobbs" (season 1, March 11, 1973). The allusion, of course, is to Bogie's character in The Treasure of the Sierra Madre. Hawkeye and Trapper almost run Frank Burns away from the 4077th, but when they realize they are going to have to cover his shifts as well as their own, they entice him to stay by convincing him that there is gold in the hills surrounding the camp. Submitted by Amy Dooley

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
In the "Scavenger" epsiode (original air date 10-19-04), a psychopath named Humphrey Becker leads the detectives on a chase with puzzles. One alias he uses is Eddie Willis, which, as the killer's mother points out, was our favorite actor's character in "The Harder They Fall." Asked where his final victim, currently still alive on a limited oxygen supply, is located, he says, "She's in a lonely place ready for the big sleep." Submitted by Brian Heverling

The Maltese Falcon
During the scene where Spade visits the alley where Archer was shot, on the wall behind Bogie is a torn poster for Swing Your Lady. Submitted by Terry Pethybridge

When Bogart is rushing off to catch up with Sabrina, who has already departed by cruise ship, he hops on to a tug boat lovingly named 'Maude' after his mother. Submitted by Terry Pethybridge

Key Largo
Bogart, Robinson and company cruise away on the boat 'Santana' named after Bogie's own boat. Submitted by Terry Pethybridge [And it's amazing that no one until now had thought of adding this to this page!]

The Last Action Hero
When Ahnold and his young friend go to the police station, the seargent is handing out assignments. He teams one of the cops with 'Humphrey Bogart' who is standing right there! Submitted by Terry Pethybridge

Brown Sugar
In this movie about a romance between two African American professionals in the hip-hop industry, Taye Diggs (Dre) and rapper Mos Def  (Chris) get into the following hilarious debate after Mr. Diggs allows his ex-girlfriend to become engaged to someone else:  

Chris: I'm not the Humphrey Bogart in this. I'm the Peter Lorre. I'm the sidekick character. You're the Humphrey Bogart. You had your opening, you know what I'm saying? She wanted you to stop her from marrying ol' dude, but you let it ride, you know? Same thing Bogey did, man. You're the same dude.!
Dre: Man, don't be dissin' Humphrey Bogart, man.
Chris: Why not?
Dre: 'Cause he's Humphrey Bogart!  He's the man.  Yo, he was fightin' a war. That's what they did back then.
Chris: You know what he needed to do back then? He needed to stop fine-ass Ingrid Bergman from gettin' on the plane with the corny dude.  And then, he gonna walk off in the fog with some other dude? Come on, man!  With another dude, in the fog? Come on.  Two grown men walk off in a fog, you don't know where they goin'? Think about it, man.
Dre: You smoke too much grass, man. Submitted by Deone R. Wilhite

That 70s Show
In the "Magic Bus" episode (orig. air date 11-12-03 ), Hyde is watching the movie and Eric walks in. Hyde asks how it went with Eric's girlfriend Donna. Eric says "not good." Eric says "Bogie knew how to break up with a woman: 'Here's looking at you kid.' I threw a toaster." There is a little more dialog before a black & white scene of Eric sitting in the Hub. "Of all the teen-age burger hang-outs...she walks into mine." Eric walks over to the keyboard player and says "Play it, Fez." He starts playing 'Hold the Line' by Toto. Submitted by Brian Heverling

That 70s Show
Also in the "Magic Bus" episode, they use the ending of Casablanca as Donna is leaving on the bus for college.
Eric: "You'll regret this, maybe not tomorrow or the next day..."
Donna: "Here's looking at you, dork." Submitted by Brian Heverling

The Two Mrs. Carrolls
Referring to Sally's former fiance, Geoffrey Carroll (Bogie) says, "I have the strangest feeling that this is the beginning of a beautiful hatred," parodying the ending of Casablanca. Submitted by Richie

Strong Medicine [program on Lifetime cable network]
In one episode, Peter, the nurse, was trying to save an old test monkey from being put down, so he decides to smuggle him onto this truck that would take him to an airport to fly him to a place in Florida for retired test monkeys to live out the rest of their natural lives.  

When he's saying goodbye to the monkey, he turns to him and is like "If you don't get on that plane, you're going to regret it, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life' and then the monkey doesn't want to leave him, but knows he needs to. So before he puts him in a crate in the truck, Peter smiles and tells him "We'll always have nannas" and then follows it up by saying "Here's lookin' at you, Chimp."  

Then, as the truck drives away, the doctor who was going to put him down, Louis, comes out and sees what Peter has done. he then realizes that maybe putting the monkeys down is wrong and decided that from then on the monkeys who are too old will be sent to the same place. Then they walk off together and Peter says "Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."Submitted by Geni

Second City TV
In episode 18 of the second season (original air date January 13, 1979), during a spoof of "Fantasy Island" one of the people winds up in "Casablanca" with John Candy playing Rick. Submitted by Brian Heverling

Designing Women
In the episodes where Mary Jo is dating a male model who's dumber than dirt, they're in her living room and had just watched "Casablanca." The boyfriend is confused over the whole movie. The conversation goes something like:  

"I wouldn't have let someone I love go like he did." and then he gets into this part of a conversation.  

"After the movie ended, what did Bogie intend to do?"  

Mary Jo: "He was going to work with the Resistance. Lots of people did that during the war, working Underground."  

Boyfriend: "I would die if I had to work underground. I need sunlight." Submitted by Geni

Step By Step
In one episode, Cody was trying to write a 40s mystery novel. The episode went into the novel and in it, he was "Sam Spud" instead of Sam Spade in The Maltese Falcon.  

Later on, they're in a club and Carol (the mother) is a singer and then Frank is the owner of the club. After she sings, she comes over to Frank and wants to meet with him for drinks. He says he has something to do and so she says, "If you need me, just whistle. you know how to whistle, don't you, Frank?"  

And then Frank says, "No, but I have this" and then blows on one of those rings that make that whistle sound. Submitted by Geni

Boy Meets World
In one episode , Topanga is cleaning out her and Cory's closet and finds what appears to be a time-portal. She opens it and gets sucked into a "Casablanca"-esque nightclub. The main characters in the show are the characters from the movie. Submitted by Geni

Dialog from the episode titled "Dog Eat Dog":

Grissom:  A hot dog at the ball park tastes better than a steak at the Ritz.
Greg:  I can tell when you're quoting someone; who said it?
Grissom:  Humphrey Bogart. Submitted by Bogeybart

The Brady Bunch
In the 1971 episode "The Personality Kid" (aka "Porkchops and Applesauce" unofficially), middle son Peter is having problems because friends think he is boring. He tries a Bogie-like personality after seeing a movie on TV in which a Bogie-styled character says, "If you want me, sweet-heart, just whistle." Peter tries talking like our favorite actor, after asking Mom (Carol) and Alice what was for dinner that night. The meal was going to be 'porkchops and applesauce.' Peter says it a few times trying to imitate Bogie, with a whistling sound on the esses, and an 'sh' sound. ("porkchopsh and appleshause"). When Dad (Mike) asks Carol "What's for dinner?" she also imitates Bogie.

Carol (to Mike): "Guess who's coming to dinner?"
Mike: "A psychiatrist, I hope."
Carol (as Peter walks in): "I think it's Humphrey Bogart."
Peter tells Mike: "We're having 'porkchopsh and appleshaush."
Mike: "There's only one Humphrey Bogart. Doubt there'll ever be another one." Submitted by Brian Heverling

Amazing Stories III
In the last story, Dom Deluise, who plays the personification of Guilt, falls in love on a cruise ship with Loni Anderson, who plays the personification of Love. At the end on the dock, Dom, wearing a trench coat and fedora, as he walks off into the night--and the fog--with Loni says, "You know, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship". Submitted by Lenny J. Provenzano

Hero at Large
Jack Ritter plays an aspiring actor who, as publicity for a movie, wears the costume of a comic book hero. He ends up fighting crime and helping people while wearing the costume. When he takes a bullet he goes to his neighbor Anne Archer for help. As he collapses before her she says, "Of all the apartments in all New York, he ends up in mine". Submitted by Lenny J. Provenzano

The King of Queens
In one episode, Doug and Carrie attend an outdoor movie with Spence and his new girlfriend.  The movie they go see is Casablanca, and you can give Bogart's voice in the background. Submitted by Scott Hiers

In one episode, George is fired from his job and is contemplating slipping his former boss a "mickey", to which Jerry replies, "Who are you, Peter Lorre?" Submitted by Scott Hiers

In another episode, Jerry and his girlfriend get caught bringing pancake syrup into a restaurant.  The owner gets on them about bringing outside condiments into his restaurant.  Later on in the episode they break up and, as she is leaving his apartment, Jerry says, "We'll always have syrup." Submitted by Scott Hiers

Cold Case
One episode was about a con artist whose favorite movie was "Sabrina".  They also mentioned that Humphrey Bogart and Audrey Hepburn star in it.  Later on, we find out that her son was using an alias and that his real name was Linus.  In one con, he used the name Linus Larabee after Bogart's character in "Sabrina". Submitted by Scott Hiers

In one episode, Dr. House tries to dissuade the romantic advances of a 17 year old girl. He uses a modified version of the Rick - Ilsa farewell dialogue from "Casablanca". Submitted by Lenny J. Provenzano

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
There was an episode where Herc's sidekick Ioalus was captured by the bad guys. One of the top bad guys interrogated him, slapping him around and asking "why are you here?". Iolaus responds, "I'm here for the waters". The bad guy says "we're not known for any waters". Ioalus, "I was misinformed". Submitted by Lenny J. Provenzano

The Simpsons
In the 'Apocalypse Cow' (orig. air date 4-27-08), Bart says to his bull: "Lou, if that plane leaves and you're not on it you'll  regret it...maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon...and definitely after they kill you."   Later...."Here's looking at you, cud." The song in the background is or resembles La Marsaillaise. Submitted by Brian Heverling

Remington Steele
Pierce Brosnan's character at first was a thief who assumed the role of of Steele. No one ever knew his real name because he had 5 different passports names­Michael O'Leary, Richard Blaine, Douglas Quintine, Paul Fabrini and Jacques Murell. (Jacques Murell was his French passport - hip form of John Murell)­all names of Bogart characters. When they were confiscated by Scotland Yard, there was this dialogue: "What does this tell us?" "He likes Bogart." Submitted by J. DiMartino

McCall (Hunter's partner): "Criminals and cops, the only real students of human nature." Remember that?  It was from the Big Sleep.
Hunter: Well... no, it wasn't.
M: Yeah, it was.
H: No, it wasn't.
M: Yes, it was!
H: Humphrey Bogart never said that in the Big Sleep.
[Talking to another officer...McCall realizes she has to get going.]
M: It was from the Big Sleep.
H: No, it wasn't.
M: [walking out] Yes, it was! H: [mumbles] I'll give you the Big Sleep! Submitted by Rachael S.

In one episode, Reba tells her business partner/son-in-law Van, "If you don't take that job, you'll regret it.  Maybe not tomorrow but someday. 'Casablanca' was on last night." Submitted by Brian Heverling

The Outer Limits (1990s revival)
Season 5, Episode 21 ("Star Crossed," originally aired August 13, 1999) is a remake of "Casablanca". See for details.Submitted by Lenny J. Provenzano

Season 1, Episode 12 ("Chuck Versus the Undercover Lover," originally aired January 24, 2008) includes many Casablanca references. See and Wikipedia for detailsSubmitted by Mike Rosenberg

NEW! Sahara
As the British Doctor begins translating between Bogart's character Sgt. Joe Gunn and the captured German pilot he turns to Gunn and says "My German's a little rusty", Bogart's line from the Paris flashback in "Casablanca"Submitted by Lenny J. Provenzano

This list was originally provided by Bill van Heerden and is part of a larger list of show business in-jokes he was compiling. Additions to this list are indicated. If you know of others, please .


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