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Lottery Boy: It is a very excellent number, mister.

Mayor: An "A" with a half moon on top. That one the same. An "A" with half moon. This other one, the same. This one also, the same. This one the same. An "A" with half moon on top. Listen, on this travel that you are going, five days-journey from here, there is a very swift river in the summer, but dry in the winter. And on the other side, mountains as high as the clouds, Oooh, the land is very dangerous. One must open up the way by machete.

Boy: Like that, no. Like this.


Soldier: What part are you from? What other proofs? The wallet with the ticket. There is no doubt. You are the

bandits. After the train holdup we followed your tracks. The same date. You are going to see what happens for being highwaymen. Raise him! And where is the town's cemetery? Sergeant, you direct them.

Clerk: What are you going to take now?

Curtain: A sack of corn, 12 kilos of flour, 12 kilos of sugar, beans: tw-(starts to say 12), 10 kilos, oil: 18 liters. How much?

Clerk: 22 pesos.

Bandit 1: Stop! Stop! Come here, all! Come see this little dove I found in this nest. It's laid down.

Gold Hat: Don't be foolish, man. Let's go back.

Bandit 1: ¡Me llévala! (An exclamation. Makes no sense if translated literally.)

Gold Hat: And this? OK boys. Let's go. Grab the horses and hide them over there behind. You get into the brush. Quick! Hurry it up!

Indian 1: Good evening, sirs. Can we sit down to rest a little? Please. My little son fell into the water. We took him out as soon as we could. We doesn't move, or anything. And he doesn't want to revive. But I think that he is not dead. We need help. Please.

Howard: When did that happen to your son?

Indian 1: This afternoon.

Indian 1: A miracle. Blessed be God.

Indian 1: Why are you going away from the area?

Howard: Important business in Durango.

Indian 1: Don't go away so soon. We want you to be with us one week.

Howard: Many thanks for the invitation, but we need to be in Durango in two weeks. My payment was the pleasure that I felt when the boy opened his eyes.

Indian 1: I have to pay you my debt. If not, all the saints of heaven would get angry. You (all) must come.

Dobbs: You know, man. He can't to stay. NO! NO! You know?

Indian 1: Don't do anything. The man and the man, it doesn't matter. The doctor does matter.

Indian 2: Come help me. Help to take him to my house.

Indian 3: Here, I bring you this parrot.

Woman: For dear doctor.

Howard: What do you say, friend?

Indian 1: Well, you will see, Mr. Doctor. Lazaro, he heard something in the brush. And when he took notice, he saw a man, covered with blood, and almost dead.

Howard: What's that man like?

Indian 1: Well, I think he is one of your companions.

Indian 2: He is real sick.

Indian 1: Yes, certainly. And we'll even go with you so the same doesn't happen to you that happened your companion.

Gold Hat: Hey, friend. Don't you have a cigar? Ha-ha!! He wants some mule drivers. Pablo, go up to the road to see if you can see two men on horseback. They're farther than he thinks. Not even their dust can be made out.

Bandit 2: Give me that boot. It's the mate to this one. I saw it first.

Bandit 1: What difference is it to me? Didn't you see when I hit him with the rock? The things are for me. You don't get anything.

Bandit 2: Give me that boot, I tell you.

Gold Hat: Hey! Don't be fighting. There go the burros. It's your fault. For this they won't even give us 20 pesos, brother. Wait a minute. Let's see what's in the packs. Hey, here there's just sand.

Gold Hat: Come here, boss.

Gold Hat: Look at it first.


Man 1: How much?

Gold Hat: Look at it. Brand new.

Bandit 2: Give me 175. You'll see that we're dealing.

Man 2: I'll give 75 cents.

Gold Hat: Look, I'll guarantee you there's no better in the whole region. Show the other burros to the boss, boys. Look. Take this one. I suggest to you.

Mayor: Well, well, well, well.

Gold Hat: I suggest it to you, boss.

Mayor: Yes.

Gold Hat: That's it.

Bandit 2: Look, here's another cheaper one.

Man 2: It's very expensive.

Gold Hat: It's been a long time since I've smoked this kind.

Mayor: And tell me, and the burros have a brand?

Gold Hat: Of course they all have a brand, boss.

Mayor: What does it look like?

Gold Hat: What? The brand? Uhhh… Oh, well, you know, it's a wheel like this. With a stripe through the middle.

Mayor: Let's see if it's true.

Man: It's not true, good friend.

Gold Hat: What a memory I have. It must be because of the heat.

Mayor: You don't know the brand because these burros aren't yours.

Gold Hat: What do you mean, they're not mine?

Mayor: No.

Gold Hat: Ok, enough of this. Well, we're not bandits.

Mayor: Precisely that. So you're not the bandits who held up the train.

Gold Hat: Miserable bullies! (those who have to band together because alone, they're weak)

Bandit: It's hot.

Gold Hat: "Cause we're going to hell.

Lieutenant: Enough already! Sergeant, place them in their places.

Sergeant: Let's get out. Stand there.

Lieutenant: Platoon, shooter position! On foot. Load arms.

Gold Hat: My Lieutenant, will you let me grab my hat?

Lieutenant: Take it! Aim! Fire!

Man: Yes, sir. It must be the Federals.

Man: Sirs, sirs, I have very bad news for you. Your companion was killed in cold blood by three bandits.

Howard: Where are our things?

Mayor: Your things and the hides are in my office.

Howard: Was there some things on some side packs, about this size, real heavy?

Mayor: No, I don't know anything about that.

Boy: Oh, now I remember. You say the side packs…

Howard: Yes. Where are they?

Boy: I don't know. I didn't see them. I only know what the bandits said.

Howard: Re-mem-ber… what they said… the packs. Re-mem-ber.

Boy: They said that they had some small sacks with sand that they thought were for weighing down the bad hides for when they would sell them.

Howard: Yes. Wh-where are, uh, the bags?

Boy: In the convent by the old "pardón". There is where the bandits said they would open the load.

Howard: (unintelligible)

Man: I found one. I found one.

Man: Here there is another bag.

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