Songs with references to Bogart and his movies:

Some are catchy, some are playful, some are soulful. You've heard them in restaurants, at parties and even in elevators. They can be the background for a romantic dinner or even the musical choice for the ceremony of exchanging those tungsten wedding bands. Songs are just one more way to immortalize Bogart and his movies.

Bertie Higgins, Golden Classics : Jackie Cain & Roy Kral, Full Circle : The Vespers (with our own Michelle Primeaux on guitar and vocals):

Carly Simon, Coming Around Again - The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of (424K)

Smithereens, Especially for You - In a Lonely Place (576K)

Al Stewart, Year Of The Cat - Year Of The Cat (256K)

Susannah Mars, Take Me To The World - Humphrey Bogart (408K)

Ted Herold - Cool Vie Humphrey Bogart (828K)

Roxy Music - 2 H.B. (480K)
[Contributed by Michelle Primeaux]

Fraternity of Man, Easy Rider soundtrack - Don't Bogart Me (368K)

Bob Dylan - City of Gold (416K)

Nik Kershaw, Human Racing - Bogart (340K)

Blue System, 21st Century - When Bogart Talks To You (236K)

Bingo Gazingo, Bingo Gazingo - Calling Casablanca (432K)

Any Trouble, Where Are All The Nice Girls? - Playing Bogart (156K)

Freddy Martin & His Orchestra - Humphrey Bogart Rhumba (396K)
[Contributed by Liz Bass]

Los Amigos Panamericanos - Humphrey Bogart Rhumba (instrumental) (284K)
[Contributed by Liz Bass]

Andrea - Humphrey Bogart (454K)

Hans-a-Plast - Like Humphrey Bogart (605K)


Songs from Bogart movies:

[Many of these are from Music from Humphrey Bogart Movies

The African Queen - There Was a Bold Fisherman (396K)

The Big Sleep - And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine (400K)

The Caine Mutiny - The Yellowstain Blues (400K)


Key Largo - Moanin' Low (472K)

Sabrina - Yes, We Have No Bananas (305K)

Swing Your Lady:

To Have and Have Not:


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