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This is the place to look for Bogart-related merchandise. Every source I've been informed of is listed here, so if you don't see what you're looking for, I don't know where to find it, either. You're invited to search for it, though, and if you find it, please . If you'd like to post a question about other merchandise, visit the Bogie Board.

DVDs and Video tapes (general):

  • (See the Filmography page for purchase links to specific titles.)
  • CDUniverse - A great source for music CDs as well as movie DVDs and tapes
  • DVD MegaPacks - Great prices on 10-, 20- and 50-movie collections in many genres. The Tough Guys of Action 20 Movie Pack includes Bogie in Beat the Devil. They also have a bunch of TV show collections
  • Facets Video - (800) 331-6197
  • Home Film Festival - (800) 258-3456

Video tapes (specific):

  • Captain Bijou
    FAX 1-256-837-8393
    P.O. Box 87
    Toney, AL 35773-0087
    Submitted by Daphne Davis
    • "Person To Person" with Edward R. Murrow - video scrapbook
      Includes a 15-minute in-home interview with Bogie & Bacall (plus Stephen & Leslie)
      Also on the tape: Marilyn Monroe, Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, Bing Crosby, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, and Rube Goldberg
      Cat. # DVS6
      Price: $29.95
    • "Bogart and Bond" (" Studio prevues give us an exciting look at two of the screen's greatest heroes")
      Cat. # DVS17
      Price: $29.95
    • "The African Queen" videotape (remastered film)
      Hardcover edition of Hepburn's book "The Making of the African Queen",
      Copy of the shooting script
      8 collectible lobby cards created from the original.
      Cat # 900628
      Price: All for only $59.95

Posters and Stills:

  • - Over 160 Bogart-related items.
  • - Over 110 Bogart-related items.
  • Hollywood Mega Store - Various entertainment products, including life-size standups of Bogie and other celebrities.
  • MovieGoods - Movie posters, photos and more
  • PrintFinders - Over 60 Bogart-related items, including several movie posters not available at the above vendors, plus Maud Humphrey prints
  • Captain Bijou
    FAX 1-256-837-8393
    P.O. Box 87
    Toney, AL 35773-0087
  • All below submitted by John Constantine:

  • American Museum of the Moving Image
    35th Avenue at 36th Street
    Astoria, NY 11106
  • The Postermat
    37 West 8th Street
    New York, NY
  • Rick's Movie Graphics
    PO Box 23709
    Gainesville, FL 32602-3709
  • There are many other web sources listed at Yahoo.

Visit my other CafePress shops Gift Shop

Paintings, Scultpures and Other Artwork:

  • brownblackandwhite: pencil drawings
    Richard Brown
    P.O Box 547, Midland, Ontario, Canada, L4R 4L3
    One of Brown's black and white creations is on display in Fan Contributions.

  • Maltese Falcon replicas:

    • Radio Spirits, Inc.
      1-800-RADIO-48 (1-800-723-4648 anytime)
      P.O.Box 2141
      Schiller Park, IL 60178
      5.5 lbs., 12 inches tall
      Cat. # 4041
      Price: $39.98 + shipping
      Submitted by Daphne Davis
    • Captain Bijou
      FAX 256-837-8393
      P.O. Box 87
      Toney, AL 35773-0087
      Heavy plaster w/jet black enamel finish
      Price: $59.95 + shipping
      Submitted by Daphne Davis
    • Stage and Screen Gallery
      214-871-2466 / 800-48MOVIE
      2702 McKinney Ave. #101
      Dallas, TX 75204
      Submitted by Bill Otstott
      "They have a nice selection of movie memorabilia past & present."
    • The Haunted Studios Collection
      Price: $150, US shipping included
      Submitted by Fred Oberheide, who says these are the very best
    • Book Castle's Movie World
      818-845-1563 & 818-846-0459
      212 N. San Fernando Blvd.
      Burbank, California 91502
      Submitted by Megan

Radio Broadcasts:

  • NEW! OTRCAT - Old Time Radio Catalog
    Humphrey Bogart Collection (MP3 CD)
    $5 for 53 radio shows, total playing time 27 hours
  • Radio Spirits, Inc.
    1-800-RADIO-48 (1-800-723-4648 anytime)
    P.O.Box 2141
    Schiller Park, IL 60178
    The Best of Bogart - vintage radio performances and guest spots
    15 classic performances - 9 hours total

    Bold Venture, Lux Radio Theater, appearances on shows
    Cat. # 4000
    Price: $29.98 + shipping
    Submitted by Daphne Davis

  • Wireless - Audio Collection
    FAX 1-612-645-7092
    Minnesota Public Radio
    P.O.Box 64454
    St. Paul, MN 55164-0454

    Bold Venture Radio Show Collection- w/ Bogart and Bacall
    12 complete radio broadcasts- 6 hours total
    Cat. # 46156
    Price: $24.95
    Submitted by Daphne Davis

  • Captain Bijou
    FAX 1-256-837-8393
    P.O. Box 87
    Toney, AL 35773-0087

Standup cardboard cutouts:

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Casablanca soundtracks:

  • "Casablanca" (original motion picture soundtrack) WEA/Rhino #R2 72911
  • "Casablanca...Classic Film Scores for Humphrey Bogart" RCA Victor #0422-2-RG (submitted by Jim Shoro: "I hope this C.D. finds its way into the hands (and ears) of other Bogart fans as it is quite good indeed!")
  • "Victory at Sea and Other Favorites" Telarc #CD-80175

"Key Largo" song:

The popular song "Key Largo" ("Here's looking at you, kid... Sailing away to Key Largo") was recorded by Bertie Higgins and is available on:
  • "Just Another Day in Paradise" Sony/Columbia
  • "Golden Classics" Sony/Columbia
Also included on these albums are the songs "Casablanca" (both) and "Tokyo Joe" (Golden Classics only). Think Mr. Higgins is a Bogart fan?

Casablanca script/screenplay:

(All submitted by Robert Young, who provided the comments)

  • "Casablanca - Script & Legend," Howard Koch (1973)
    The Overlook Press
    Lewis Hollow Road
    Woodstock, New York 12498
  • "The Film Classics Library - Casablanca," Richard J. Anobile, editor (1974)
    A Darrien House Book
    37 Riverside Drive
    New York City, NY 10023
  • AVON Books - A division of the Hearst Corp.
    959 Eighth Ave
    New York, NY 10019
    Library Congress Catalog Card #: 74-82132
    ISDN 0-380-00086-5
    "This book is the best. It has scene by scene stills of the entire movie, plus the accompanying dialogue. A total of 1,500 frame blow-ups in all. Used book stores are your best bet for this one.
  • "Ted Turner's Fiftieth Anniversary Limited Collector's Edition MGM/UA Home Video of Casablanca includes a copy of the Dialogue Transcript. Again, this would be on the used market.


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