Across the Pacific

At the point where they are traveling from Halifax to New York and are topside getting some sun, Greenstreet asks Bogart if he has ever been to Manila, the boat's final destination. Bogart replies, "Never been further than Hawaii". Yet, a few minutes later, he states that "the Japs or whoever can have the Philippines as far as I'm concerned -- it's hot in Manila". He states this personally, as if he knows how hot it is in Manila from his own experiences. [Contributed by John McCullough]

When Rick and Alberta first get settled into the Genoa Maru, the doors to their cabins have port holes. This is illustrated when Rick is talking to Dr. Lorenz about Alberta outside her door, and Alberta sticks her head out of the port hole and tells him to talk about her somewhere else. And also, when Rick is in his bed on the first night, and a ghostly Japanese face lit from below appears in the port hole of his door, glowering at him. For the rest of the movie, however, the doors to the cabins are louvered, and they have no port holes. [Contributed by Michelle Primeaux]

The cabin doors of the Genoa Maru were always louvered.›Each one of the passenger cabins did have a porthole to the outside of the ship, with a walkway outside these portholes.› In the two scenes that Michelle pointed out the bloopers, when Rick and Dr. Lorenz are standing outside a porthole to Alberta's cabin, and when Rick is in bed and a ghostly Japanese face appears at his porthole, the›portholes are not on the cabin doors, but on the outside of the ship.› I have watched this film over a dozen times, and this is very apparent.› Camera angles bare this out, as the louvered, cabin doors are always to the right of the screen, and the porthole shots are always to the left. [Contributed by Chuck Starry]

Action in the North Atlantic

Bogart's toothache switches from the right side early in the movie to the left side later on (unless he's got a mouth full of bad teeth!). [Contributed by Bryan Jones]

As the Sea Witch is getting underway, Captain Jarvis is on the bridge facing forward with his jacket buttoned. When he turns around his jacket is instantly unbuttoned, then he takes a few steps toward Joe Rossi and his jacket is buttoned again. [Contributed by Robert Mobley]

The African Queen

Bogart's cigar suddenly appears in his mouth from his hand.

Background changes unrealistically in several scenes on the river.

The miniature African Queen's boiler has a bright, blue top while the real boat does not.

Smear or wound on Bogart's forehead disappears as soon as he gets up from laying down in the boat.

Rainbows don't happen at night.

The clouds tilt over, right along with the Louisa, but not the hanging ropes.

All Through the Night

Gleason places his right arm on the table instantly.

Cigarette disappears from Bogart's left hand as he begins to count his money.

Miller's bow tie is re-tied after he is shoved into a corner.

Camera shadows move back and forth over table when Bogart is searching basement.

Gleason misses planting a kiss on new bride by 2 inches.

There was a hole cut in the pane of glass before Bogart climbs through window, but all of the glass is gone after getting inside.

After smashing the guy's hand, Lorre raises his cigarette but instantly puts it down at his side.

During the fight at the taxi, its open door closes itself.

After the German falls over the railing, Bogart's tie fixes itself.

Cigar instantly disappears from tall Wyoming man's mouth while they're talking to Bogart's mother.

Bogart walks up to MacLane and taps him on the chest, then walks up to him again.

Camera moves 45 degrees to Bogart's right, but the men who were behind him are way to his left.

When Bogart raises his glass for a toast, he cigarette he has in his hand holding the glass instantly vanishes.

Bad Sister

When Bogart is driving Fox home, it is very dark with lots of city lights. They turn to the right (without turning the steering wheel!) and it seems to be bright as day as they drive up to her house and talk in the car.

When Bogart visits Fox's family for dinner, and outside with her alone, the handkerchief in his coat's breast pocket won't stay put.

Battle Circus

Why is an American jet shooting at Americans?!

Rectangular movie lights are reflected in Bogart's dark glasses.

Bogart walks into the tent while pulling off his shirt, then he pulls it off again, after it's been tucked back in.

Bogart gets a cigarette accidentally knocked out of his hand, by the soldier who offers it to him, before he has a chance to light it.

As Bogart moves away from talking to the wounded commander in the back of the truck, the shadow of the microphone is on the ground behind him.

Beat the Devil

In the scene where the three of them are being driven in the car, the driver's steering so poorly matches the scenery outside that at times when he turns to the right, the view out the front moves as if he were turning left.

The luggage on the back of the car that goes over the cliff is not the same as before it goes off the road.

Bogart gets into the lifeboat wearing a plain suit, but gets out of the boat wearing a thin-striped suit.

Big City Blues

When Bogart and Talbot stop fighting, Bogart's handkerchief is half out of his coat pocket. The next shot of Bogart, a few seconds later, has the handkerchief nicely tucked back in the pocket.

When Bogart is being introduced, his hands instantly change from holding a newspaper behind his back, to at his sides, and back to holding the newspaper behind his back again.

Bogart walks up to the drinks table with his newspaper pointing out, then it is instantly pointing at his feet.

In the fight scene, the stunt double is so not Bogart.

Bogart wears a solid color tie while his double does not.

The Big Shot

At the movie's end, Bogart has a lit cigarette. He makes a crack about it being cheap. Then someone lights it for him.

The Big Sleep

Bogart's handkerchief changes shape when going through beaded curtain.

When Marlowe is talking to Bernie Ohls in his office, notice the white lamp shade in the corner moves after the 1946 cut when more dialog was added. It starts out in the right corner, then it's in the left corner over Marlowe's shoulder when the cut is added, then returns to the right corner after the cut. [Contributed by J DiMartino]

The back of Bogart's soaked shirt dries out way to fast in just a couple of minutes talking to Bacall.

When Bogart raises his cup to toast with the girl in the bookstore, and hits the bottom of her cup on the way up.

Black Legion

The glasses at the edge of the table disappear when Sheridan and Foran leave the booth.

When Bogart gets home with the new car, the side of the house changes from shaded to full sun.

After Bogart is served more beer, and before he drinks any of it, thelevel of beer in his mug rises.

Bogart's front door changes from a wooden one with glass in it to a screen door when his friend is thrown out.

When Bogart squats down to talk to his son in his baseball uniform, the boy's top button buttons itself.

When Bogart begins begging Foran not to go to the police, Bogart's pack of cigarettes disappears from his shirt pocket.

Brother Orchid

Crisp places his hand from his waist onto Robinson's shoulders so fast we can't see him move it.

Crisp turns the steering wheel to the right to stop on the left side of the street.

As Bogart and Robinson fight, Bogart fails to pull a punch and actually tags Robinson in the face.

Before getting hit, Robinson's hat instantly vanishes from his head.


Bogart's tie knot changes in the bazaar scene.

Henreid's cut wrist leaves no blood on the towel, even though it has bloodied his shirtsleeve.

When Bergman raises window shade from inside, the shades are open. Looking from outside in, they are shut.

When Rick is reading Ilsa's note at the train station, his coat is soaked, but when he is getting on the train, it is dry. [From The Nitpickers Site.]

Early in the movie, A man is shot while running from the police. He falls near wall. In the next view, a china doll, stool, and vase have magically appeared next to the wall. [From The Nitpickers Site.]

When Rick and Ilsa first meet at Rick's she begins to mention the last time they saw each other. He interrupts her and says, "...the Germans wore grey, you wore blue". She responds by saying she's put that dress away for now, but in the flashback of their last meeting she's wearing a suit! [Contributed by Robert Mobley]

Rick walks over to Renault after seeing Yvonne out of the club. As he approaches Renault, he is smoking a new, long cigarette and takes a seat. At this point, the arguing Frenchman and Italian enter the club, and Rick and Renault watch them and then watch the plane to Lisbon fly over head. No more than a few seconds has passed when the camera comes back to Rick and Renault. Rick has retrieved a new cigarette and lights it. Did he eat the last one while we were watching the plane? [Contributed by Robert Mobley]

When Bergman enters Rick's where Bogart is drinking at night, he slowly sets down the bottle with his right hand, but doesn't let it go. In the blink of an eye, he has a glass in his right hand.

While listening to Page's sad story, when Bogart sets down his glass, it turns into a cigarette.

At the beginning of the flashback scene where Rick is looking back on their time in Paris, Rick is sitting drinking at a table. At the end of the scene Rick is still drinking but he has moved around the table. [Contributed by Philip Middlemast]

While listening to Page's sad story, Bogart takes a drink that almost empties his glass. When he sets it down, it is half full.

To kiss Bogart after he lets her husband win at roulette, the young Bulgarian woman wraps her arms around Bogart's neck so fast we can't see her do it.

After after Bogart lets Rains into the cafe to catch Laszlo, as they walk by the first table, the shadow of the microphone moves across the tabletop.

A knight on the chessboard disappears momentarily in the opening chess game. [From The Internet Movie Database]

The man who is shot escaping from police dies next to an arch where a woman suddenly appears. [From The Internet Movie Database]

When Rick and Ilsa meet in the bar and start to talk, Rick knocks over one kind of glass, then picks up different kind of glass. [From The Internet Movie Database]

There never was such a thing as a letter of transit. [From The Internet Movie Database]

In the final scene there is a thick fog. There is no fog in the desert, where Casablanca is set. [From The Internet Movie Database]

In the final scenes at the airport, when Bogie is talking to Louie, the epaulettes on Louie's shoulders alternately appear and disappear. [From The Big List of Movie Mistakes.]

After his bar has been closed, Rick discusses his financial situation with Carl. In long shot you see Carl wearing his glasses on his forehead, in a closer shot, the glases are on his nose. [From The Big List of Movie Mistakes.]

When Strasser tells Renault Americans are blunderers, Renault replies, "You mustn't underestimate American blundering. I was with them when they blundered into Berlin in 1918." In fact, during World War I, American troops never entered Berlin, or Germany for that matter. [Contributed by Ms Bacall]

As Emil comes outside where Bogart and Rains are sitting, Bogart's hand with cigarette appears at his mouth when an instant earlier his elbows were resting on his knees.

As Bogart moves to close his safe, his head's shadow is in the center of a circular portion of lighted wall. Instantly, his shadow disappears and then comes in the same area again, only twice as large as before.

After Bogart hands Strasser his dossier, it re-orients itself in his hand by 180 degrees.

Bogart sets down his glass a couple of inches away from Bergman's, but when they kiss, she knocks over one glass and no other glass is nearby.

From the time Bergman comes through the door and walks over to a drunk Bogart, her scarf is re-tied with a different knot.

In the opening titles, S.Z. Sakall is incorrectly listed as "S.K. Sakall." [From Casablanca Mistakes at Vincent's Casablanca Home Page.

In the scene where Rick breaks his rule of never drinking with customers, Renault states " Well, a precedent is being broken. Later on, when Rick picks up the tab, he says "Another precedent gone." This mistake in the film is grammatical in that precedents are not broken or gone, but "set." [From Casablanca Mistakes at Vincent's Casablanca Home Page.

After the authorities close down Rick's Caf», he and Carl are pouring over the books trying to see how long he can stay shut down before losing money. In the long shot, Carl is wearing his glasses on his forehead. In the next cut, Carl's glasses are on his nose. [From Casablanca Mistakes at Vincent's Casablanca Home Page.

When Rick goes to "The Blue Parrot" the first time, we can see Se“or Ferrari sitting across from Rick putting a cap back on a bottle between them. On the next cut, the bottle cap is gone. [From Casablanca Mistakes at Vincent's Casablanca Home Page.

Chain Lightning

Splatter on outside of Bogart's left window appears, disappears, then is back again, while in flight!

Extra wing rockets on the jet change size and even vanish and reappear before they are eventually dropped off.

China Clipper

Bogart brings his airplane in over the water, which has acquired wheels as it rolls up out of the water.
According to Rick Hayhoe, this is not a blooper at all:
Please note that seaplanes almost always have, and have had in the past, landing gear allowing them to make regular airport landings as well as water landings, and to simplify their removal to hangars for maintenance and repair.

The China Clippers, the various models of them, were no exception. By way of readily available proof, if you will go here, you will find record of one accident involving the collapse of a Clipper's landing gear during an airport landing. You will also find that some of the reported accidents happened during landing or takeoff from airports, rather than water. The value of flying boats at the beginning of long-distance, ocean crossing commercial aviation was due to the fact that they could carry passengers, mail and cargo into remote places where no airports were available.

If you will look around, you will find old photos of Clippers taxiing up ramps out of the water to their hangars or being worked on while sitting just out of the water, on their own landing gear. They were capable of lowering their landing gear while in the water in order to taxi out of it. They did not land on water with the landing gear deployed for the obvious reason that to do so would have caused damage or a full-scale crash due to the extremely poor hydrodynamics of the gear.

After Bogart tells O'Brien he's leaving, he walks out of the room, through the doorway, leaving O'Brien behind him inside the room. When we see Bogart finish walking through the door into the hall, O'Brien is to Bogart's right, and already in the hall.

As the two proceed down the hall and around the corner, a shadow from filming equipment is moving along the wall to their left.

From where Bogart is seated in the plane, the wake seen from his window could not be seen as depicted. In aerial shots, the wake is farther back and too far below to appear as it does in his window.

As the plane Bogart pilots is shown passing through clouds its speed appears much too slow to avoid a stall.


In the mountains, rain is on the windshield suddenly, even though there has been no rain falling.

At the table with Bogart, Greenstreet's cigar instantly changes places.

Bogart shines his flashlight through the wrecked car and onto Greenstreet. Greenstreet still has the light shining on him even though Bogart has turned and aimed the light at the officers.

Crime School

In the time it takes Bogart to look out the window, yell at the kids, and climb down the fire escape, he has changed his tie from one with bright stripes to one without bright stripes.

Dark Passage

None of the people who look into Bogart's eyes before his plastic surgery look back and forth between both his eyes; they›stare into›a single›camera›lens.

Dark Victory

When Bogart and Davis are in the stables at night, his shirt pocket flap goes in and out of the pocket by itself.

Dead End

While getting the kid's 3 cents back, the shadow of filming equipment appears on the railing.

Trash and cockroaches instantly appear and disappear on top of an empty trash can lid beside Barrie.

From out of nowhere, and within only 5 or 6 seconds, Bogart is leaning against the railing as the boys are fighting. Then he turns 45 degrees to his left in an instant while we're looking at him.

The Desperate Hours

The morning paper Scott brings inside the house is not the one thrown against the door by paperboy.

At the front door, the coat is sometimes on the table and sometimes on the floor.

The wheel of the bicycle changes position just before the kid spins it.

Bogart could be seen by teacher from where he is hiding.

March's bandage moves higher when not seen below the band of his hat.

"Miss Swift" is dubbed in twice when March speaks to her.

In Scrabble, each player uses 7 letters, not 4.

March enters cab #22 but gets out of #28.

Middleton's pen doesn't stay put when he's counting his money.

Bogart, though dead, moves his hand closer to his face, and raises his eyebrows, furrowing his brow, before being covered with blanket.

When Bogart asks Scott, "Are you supposed to go someplace tonight?", he loses over an inch off his cigar

The Enforcer

Bogart's sidekick swears, but other dialogue is dubbed in.

The Great O'Malley

From the time that Bogart loses his job outside the plant, is sentenced to two years in prison, to the time that O'Malley shows up at the plant to get Bogart his job back, the handwriting on the chalkboard announcing "NO MORE HELP WANTED" has not been changed.

High Sierra

High speed mountain road chase is very fake. Look at the jittery bushes and trees.

If Bogart is in the lead, what's making all that dust in front of his car?

When Wilde stands up from the table at the cabin, his handkerchief is suddenly half way out of his pocket.

Watch Lupino's mole move around on her cheek.

When Bogart gets to the door of the mountain store, a crew member's face and shoulders are reflected in the glass.

Bogart's license plate is a different color when he arrives in California.

Sheriff tells Lupino it's dawn, and they're going to get Bogart, but his shadow as he comes out on the rock indicates the sun is high in the sky.

Bogart is seen from above coming out and standing up to look down below twice.

As Lupino says the last word in the film, "Free", the shadow of the mike boom comes up from behind and lands on her right shoulder and face.

After Pard jumps into the car with Lupino and Bogart, we see through the back window that the car makes a pretty good turn to the left, but Bogart doesn't even budge the steering wheel.

As Bogie falls down the mountain after being shot, one can see someone throwing a dummy substituting for Bogie. [Contributed by Kim Dvorak]

When Roy introduces himself to the farmer at the desert gas station he uses only the alias "Collins." When they meet the second time at the accident scene, the farmer addresses him as Roy. [Contributed by Douglas Bryant]

In a Lonely Place

When Bogart is about to set three packages on the chair, the white one on top jumps into his hand.

Shadow vanishes from Mel's face, even though he does not move. ("Nobody can call me the things he did." "'A blind, knuckle-headed squirrel.' That's REAL bad.")

Invisible Stripes

The guy standing next to Bogart buttons down his vest a second time, just 2 seconds after the first time.

Only when Red Kennedy (Bogart) wears a prison cap is his hair lightened to give the appearance of being red.

Isle of Fury

Bogart instantly brings his hands from behind his back to his sides when making his marriage vows.

Clive is always seen wearing the same tie for more than two weeks.

Key Largo

Robinson's tie changes length by 3 inches within one scene.

Bogart throws the pistol aside. Then, a few moments later, it is in a different position in the chair than where he threw it, but no one has touched it.

As Bogart and Bacall walk out along the pier to secure the boat, three deep creases get pressed into the back of Bogart's newly-changed shirt.

King of the Underworld

Bogart stands by a car door talking to a writer. The wing window is sometimes open and sometimes closed.

While Bogart's wrist is being bandaged, he turns his wrist over so fast we can't see him do it.

The bandage on Bogart's wrist grows bigger than the one that the doctor applies.

Knock on Any Door

Bogart instantly jerks his hand with cigarette up off the table.

The Left Hand of God

Dead man moves his hands after Bogart places one on top of the other.

The Maltese Falcon

Long reaction time when Bogart gets kicked in the head.

Even though the pistol was aimed at Archer's lower right side, Bond says, "Got him right through the pump..."

Bogart's cigar alternates between being lit and out during his first meeting with Greenstreet.

The shadow of filming equipment falls on Bogart when he examines Huston.

In the final meeting with the black bird, Bogart leans back against the wall, then instantly is leaning forward again.

After Bogart tells MacLane, "Fair enough," there is a big change in the lamp's shadow behind Bogart.

Although the movie is set in San Francisco, on the fire ship that was putting out the fire on the "La Paloma", a life saver hanging on the outside wall behind some of the fire fighters reads "L.A. CITY NO. 2." [Submitted by John McCullough]

San Francisco fire fighters have Los Angeles Fire Department uniforms on. [From The Internet Movie Database]

The opening shots establishing the San Francisco setting all show the Bay Bridge and/or the downtown part of the city near it, including the Ferry Building. The Golden Gate Bridge is on the other side of the city, yet a sign on the Ferry Building reads GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE. [From The Internet Movie Database]

When searching for the body, Sam's handkerchief is ruffled only while he is in the room, not before or after. [From The Internet Movie Database]

The "Knights Templar" referred to in the introduction as having paid homage to the King of Spain in the 16th century were actually banned and disbanded in the 14th century. What is more, the "wars of pillage" that Gutman speaks of occured long before the 1500s, when the Middle East was firmly under Ottoman control. [From The Internet Movie Database]

In the opening crawl, they say the Falcon was created by the "Knights Templar of Malta." The Knights Templar and the Knights of Malta were two different groups and sworn enemies. [From The Internet Movie Database]

Archer first enters the office as Sam is speaking to Ms. Wonderly. Miles enters with a cigarette in his right hand, which he quickly throws off-camera. A second later, another cigarette appears in his left hand that he proceeds to smoke. [From The Internet Movie Database]

From the time that Bogart leaves his secretary, goes in to the next room and returns, is about 45 seconds. In that time the shadow behind Bogart cast by the sun from outside moves 6 inches! His room would have to be over 100' in length!

One odd little blooper occurs during the meeting in Sam Spade's apartment with Brigid and Joel Cairo.› When Peter Lorre reacts to Mary Astor's words "the fat man," Lorre drops his lighted match on the floor.› As the match was rather blazing with fire at the time, it certainly would have started some sort of fire in Spade's apartment unless extinguished immediately. [Submitted by Roy Waller]

Check chapter 3 of the DVD with English subtitles on and you will see and hear Joel Cairo tell Sam Spade that he (Cairo) is staying at the Hotel Belvedere, Room 635.› Later, in chapter 13 after the incident between Spade and Wilmer ("the Gunsel") Cook, Cairo enters the hotel lobby, crosses to the desk, and asks for the key to room 603, not 635.› Either Joel had some wild parties and was kicked down the hallway, or this is a definite blooper. [Submitted by Roy Waller]

The Maltese Falcon trailer

During Sydney Greenstreet's "Come closer" soliliquy, you can tell he's reading from a cue card. [Submitted by David Ganssle]

Speaking of Mr. Greenstreet, his first name is misspelled "Sidney." [Submitted by your webmaster]

Marked Woman

During the judge's final remarks, Jewell changes clothes (black hat, fur, necklace) and back again.

Men Are Such Fools

Lane shouts "Taxi!" while her mouth stays wide open.

The police car changes its license plate number.

The license plate is gone from the taxi at the end of the chase.

Passage to Marseille

At the start of the interrogation of the shipwrecked men, Bogart's movements in the background change suddenly.

The boat, that is constantly rocking, stops rocking when Lorre begins his story.

During the fade to Bogart talking on the phone, the crowd out the window are all holding perfectly still, then instantly start cheering.

While still out in front of its target, a low-flying plane drops bombs that hit beside the boat in and IN FRONT of the plane that dropped them.

The stunt double for Bogart who runs to gun down the Germans is quite obviously not Bogart.

The Petrified Forest

How come those clouds, with all that wind, never move?

Racket Busters

The white thing in Brent's right rear pocket vanishes when he opens the door to the Manhattan Trucking Association.

Bright stripes appear on Allison's tie when Pop leaves his office.

Large shattered area of truck's windshield disappears as truck hits crates.

Bullet from rifle takes so long to strike driver Jenkins, about 400' per second, that it would not even pass through his clothing.

As Bogart and his cronies walk along the sidewalk in Washington Market, on the crates to the right a microphone and boom can clearly be seen following them.


Bridges' scrape on his forehead disappears and reappears several times.

Naish has sand on his face only when he's begging Bogart.

Airplane's bullets pass through the side of the tank and into the sand.

If the rock takes 2.5 seconds to hit the bottom, the well would be over 150' deep.

Two suns are seen reflected from Bogart's helmet.

While pouring water in front of the Schumm, Bogart's canteen does a 180 degree spin in his hand.

Blood is on the right side of Kreuger's forehead, even though he is hit on the left side or back of his head.

San Quentin

Sawyer unfolds his arms and puts them down at his sides in the blink of an eye.

As O'Brien walks in to inspect the prisoners' cells, some pictures on the walls change or disappear.

MacLane walks beneath the shadow of a mike boom as he walks away from his car at the road construction site.

While in O'Brien's office, a pack of cigarettes appears in Bogart's shirt pocket, then is gone.

When we see Bogart in the prison yard the first time, his hair is a different color than in all the rest of the movie.


Bogart has his dog on a leash while he talks to Howard outside in the movie lot. But for a few seconds, the leash is gone and they even walk away from the camera without the dog. Then, as they walk up the stairs to enter a building, the dog and leash are back where they should be.

Swing Your Lady

When Bogart walks from his car to the group of musicians, the shadow of the overhead microphone rides on his hat for a bit.

During a scene when the cast sings on the porch, the microphone can be seen the whole time except during the close-ups.

Thank Your Lucky Stars

When Bogart is being bawled out by S.Z. Sakall, in the background there is a light or lamp that casts its shadow down into the word "SILENCE" on the wall. In a few seconds, the shadow is about 6" higher and not where it was before.

They Drive by Night

Hale pulls his coat closed and buttons it twice within about 3 seconds.

He lights the same cigarette twice.

At home, Bogart's shirt unbuttons itself and then is buttoned back up when he turns around.

Three on a Match

The girl standing by the piano in the reform school twice turns away to leave.

Blondell's purse disappears from her hand while she's sitting on Dvorak's bed.

A string can be seen pulling Phelps' sailboat.

Between the park and Dvorak's place, Talbot changes his polka dot tie for a solid color tie.

While crossing his legs in the chair, Bogart reaches toward his hat, then instantly has his hand on the arm of the chair.

Broken glass is seen ahead of Dvorak when she bursts through the window, but later there is only broken glass following her as she continues to fall.

To Have and Have Not

While on the boat, the Frenchman's wife's hat changes its tilt from one side to the other.

The name on Bogart's boat changes from "Queen Conch" to something else after they get out to sea.

At the dock, the line where the water meets the fake background scenery is very evident.

At the dock, Bogart's boat alternates from rocking with the waves and being steady as if on dry land.

The position of the light switch at the door in Bogart's room is not consistent with the lights being on or off.

Light from a flashlight shined on Bogart's face does not stop exactly when the flashlight is turned away.

Bogart appears to say his lines too soon after Szurovy says "You're not one of us. You're not on our side," and after Bacall says "How's your patient?".

After the chloroform is dropped on the floor, Szurovy appears to passout twice.

While Bogart and Brennan are talking to the police in the club, one of the containers is only on the table when Bogart is facing the camera.

The musical group sings in Spanish ("Mueve la cintura asandiacute;") even though they are in a French province.

The Frenchman behind Bogart instantly folds his arms.

Bogart at first misses grabbing the table to overturn it.

The microphone casts a shadow to the left of the door when both Bacall and Moran exit Bogarts room.

The mark on Seymour's left side of his forehead is not consistant with Bogart striking him with his pistol from the right.

Bogart takes a knife in his right hand while on the boat, but shortly it vanishes from his hand.

When Bogart goes down to the cellar to deal with the injured man, one of the men locks the door at the top of the staircase. A few moments later Lauren Bacall is at the bottom of the staircase with the water Bogart asked her to get, but she had been locked out of the Cellar. [Contributed by Barnaby Dunmow]

As Sande turns to leave for his room, Bogart's coat positions itself over his left arm.

When Bogart hears Brennan knock, his cigarette is about 1/3 burned, but at the door it is suddenly a new, un-lit one.

When Bogart presents Sande with the wallet that Bacall lifted, she is way too eager to light his cigarette, with her matches already out of her purse, holding a match on the matchbox ready to strike it on cue.

Tokyo Joe

As Bogart walks in front of bus, it loses its large, left-hand, driver's side mirror.

Walking up to Cabaret Tokyo Joe, the door is open, but Bogart opens it anyway.

As Bogart looks at the picture of his daughter, the glass door opens and the gardener vanishes.

A pack of cigarettes materializes inside Bogart's shirt pocket just before he puts on his flight jacket.

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

Crew member's knee and shoulder are seen for several seconds in the scene where they take their first break on trek.

Huston's translation from Spanish to English is way off, and some of Huston's Spanish on the train is just gibberish.

Movie depicts late 1920s, but some newer cars are seen.

After the first pause in the gun battle, Bogart pulls the trigger of his rifle, but it does not fire.

During the reading of the dead man's letter, Bogart prepares a cigarette. He takes the tobacco pouch out of his pocket, but does not put the tobacco in it. He starts rolling it and licking the paper.

When the bandits find Bogart at the waterhole the shadows indicate a time of near 12:00. A few minutes later as the bandits chase after the burros, the sun is either near setting or rising.

A shadow of the mike boom passes along the top of the barrel as Bogart and MacLane walk along talking about their pay at the work site.

As Bogart (his double, acutally) tries to catch up to Huston on the street, the bundle under his arm instantly changes from one arm to the other.

While Bogie, Holt and Huston trek through the jungles of Mexico, one can distinctly hear a Kookaburra laugh in the background, which is of course native to Australia. [Contributed by Kim Dvorak]

After Bogart hits Bennett and knocks his hat off, all on its own, it moves from beside the logs, to at the end of the logs (up-side-down), to right-side-up and leaning against the logs, and finally to several feet away from the end of the logs.

Two Against the World

Bogart should be familiar with how to leave his own office, but he almost bumps into the wall when he leaves.

Bogart's handkerchief in his coat pocket moves around by itself.

Bogart moves his hands like lightning, from off his right hip and later from his chin to his hip.

Sheets of paper appear in Bogart's hands.

The impression from Bogart's removed wedding band is very apparent several times.

Two Guys from Milwaukee

Inside the plane, the sun appears to be setting or rising on the horizen, but less than a minute before, outside on the tarmac, the sun is much higher in the sky.

Bogart moves his hand from the prince's shoulder so fast that we don't see him do it.

The Two Mrs. Carrolls

Before Bogart enters the pharmacy to talk with the chemist he gets soaked by the rain outside. While the two talk, Bogart's clothes and hat look like they are drying out quite rapidly. After he clubs the chemist to death, his hat is suddenly so wet that water drips off it.

Up the River

As Bogart and his two friends walk into his mother's living room, his handkerchief tucks itself deeper into his coat pocket.

The Wagons Roll at Night

Bogart tightens his tie with no hands in the first seen with Sidney, then loosens it again in the end of the same scene.

One man running for his life from the lion has a big grin on his face.

We're No Angels

A piece of straw pops into Bogart's mouth without him touching it as the three escapees lounge on the dock.

You Can't Get Away with Murder

Bogart is seen wearing a ring on his left hand ring finger during parts of the movie, and at other times it is not there. His character in the movie is not married.

As the inmates are being let out for chapel, the same inmate walks by the camera twice.

This list was originally provided by Ray Papa , who compiled it from his personal observations. Unless otherwise indicated, all items are from Ray. If you know of others, please .

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And check out YouTube - Humphrey Bogart Bloopers for streaming video of some outtakes from Bogart movies. [submitted by Chris Dickerson, and thanks to Michelle Primeaux for the original link.]


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