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(Asterisks indicate books from which photos were scanned for this site)


  • * Bogart (Richard Gehman, Fawcett, 1965)
  • Bogey: The Good-Bad Guy (Ezra Goodman, Lyle Stuart, 1965)
  • Bogey: The Man, the Actor, the Legend (Jonah Ruddy & Jonathan Hill, Tower, 1965)
  • * Bogie: The Definitive Biography of Humphrey Bogart (Joe Hyams, New American Library, 1966)
  • Humphrey Bogart (Bernard Eisenschitz, Le Terrain Vague, 1967) [FRENCH]
  • * Humphrey Bogart (Nathaniel Benchley, Hutchinson, 1975)
  • Bogart & Bacall: A Love Story (Joe Hyams, Warner, 1975)
  • Bogart (David Hanna, Leisure, 1976)
  • Humphrey Bogart (G. Halimi, Solar, 1981) [FRENCH]
  • * The Screen Greats: Humphrey Bogart (Alan Frank, Exeter, 1982)
  • Bogie and Me: A Love Story (Verita Thompson & Donald Shepherd, St. Martin, 1982)
  • Humphrey Bogart: Kult-Star (Wolfgang Fuchs, Taco, 1989) [GERMAN]
  • * Humphrey Bogart: Take It & Like It (Jonathan Coe, Grove Weidenfeld, 1991)
  • City Boys: Cagney, Bogart, Garfield (Robert Sklar, Princeton University, 1992)
  • Humphrey Bogart (Iris Howden, Albsu, 1994)
  • Bogart: In Search Of My Father (Stephen Bogart & Gary Provost, Dutton, 1995)
  • * Bogart: A Life in Hollywood (Jeffrey Meyers, Houghton Mifflin, 1997)
  • Bogart (A.M. Sperber & Eric Lax, Morrow, 1997)
  • Bogie: A Life in Pictures (Judith Schlesinger, MetroBooks, 1998)
  • The Ultimate Bogart: All the Facts and Fantasies About Humphrey Bogart, the Quintessential Movie Tough Guy (Ernest Cunningham, Renaissance Books, 1999)
  • Humphrey Bogart: A Bio-Bibliography (Gerald Duchovnay, Greenwood, 1999)

Profiles (Brief Biographical Information):

  • The Fifty-Year Decline and Fall of Hollywood (Ezra Goodman, Simon & Schuster, 1961)
  • Bring on the Empty Horses (David Niven, Dell, 1975)
  • Hollywood Album: Lives and Deaths of Hollywood Stars from the Pages of The New York Times (Arleen Keylin & Suri Fleischer, Arno, 1977)
  • Close-Ups: Intimate Profiles of Movie Stars (Danny Peary, Galahad, 1978)
  • Lulu in Hollywood (Louise Brooks, Knopf, 1982)
  • Schickel on Film: Encounters - Critical and Personal - with Movie Immortals (Richard Schickel, Morrow, 1989)
  • Profiles (Kenneth Tynan, Harper Perennial, 1989)
  • Cult Movies - The Classics, the Sleepers, the Weird, and the Wonderful (Danny Peary, Simon & Schuster, 1991)
  • Maud Humphrey: Her Permanent Imprint on American Illustration (Karen Choppa & Paul Humphrey, Schiffer, 1993)
  • Dateline: Hollywood: Sins and Scandals of Yesterday and Today (Mark Drop, Friedman/Fairfax, 1994)
  • Six Men - Charles Chaplin, H. L. Mencken, Humphrey Bogart, Adlai Stevenson, Bertrand Russell, Edward Viii (Alistair Cooke, Arcade, 1995)
  • The Great Movie Stars: The Golden Years (David Shipman, Little-Brown, 1995)
  • Roger Ebert's Book of Film (Roger Ebert, Norton, 1997)
  • City of Nets: A Portrait of Hollywood in the 1940s (Otto Friedrich, University of California, 1997)
  • The Rat Pack: Neon Night with the Kings of Cool (Lawrence Quirk & William Schoell, Avon, 1999)

Lauren Bacall:

  • Hollywood's Great Love Teams (James Parish, Arlington, 1974)
  • Bogey's Baby: A Biography of Lauren Bacall (Howard Greenberger, Allen, 1976)
  • Hollywood's Greatest Love Stories (Dick Kleiner, Pocket, 1976)
  • By Myself (Lauren Bacall, Knopf, 1978)
  • The Forties Gals (James Parish & Don Stanke, Arlington, 1980)
  • Together Again! The Stories of the Great Hollywood Teams (Garson Kanin, Doubleday, 1981)
  • Character Parts (John Mortimer, Penguin, 1986)
  • * The Films of Lauren Bacall (Lawrence Quirk, Citadel, 1986)
  • Lauren Bacall: A Bio-Bibliography (Brenda Scott Royce, Greenwood, 1992)
  • Hollywood Royalty: Hepburn, Davis, Stewart, and Friends at the Dinner Party of the Century (Gregory Speck, Birch Lane, 1992)
  • Lovers (Linda Sunshine, Turner, 1992)
  • The Great Movie Stars: The International Years (David Shipman, Little-Brown, 1995)
  • Off-Stage (Betty Comden, Limelight, 1996)

Life After Bogie:

  • Just In Time: Notes from My Life (Phyllis Newman, Simon & Schuster, 1988)
  • Slim: Memories of a Rich and Imperfect Life (Annette Tapert, Simon & Schuster, 1990)
  • New York Days (Willie Morris, Little-Brown, 1993)
  • Now (Lauren Bacall, Knopf, 1994)
  • Life at the Dakota: New York's Most Unusual Address (Stephen Birmingham, Syracuse University, 1996)

Film and Still Photos:

  • Bogart's Face (Anthony Goldschmitt, Random House, 1970)
  • Hollywood Glamor Portraits (John Kobal, Dover, 1976)
  • Movie-Star Portraits of the Forties (John Kobal, Dover, 1977)
  • The International Film Poster (Gregory J. Edwards, Columbus, 1985)
  • Hollywood Poolside: Classic Images of Legendary Stars (Frans Evenhuis & Robert Landau, Angel City, 1997)
  • Jean Howard's Hollywood: A Photo Memoir (Jean Howard & James Watters, Abrams, 1997)
  • Hurrell's Hollywood Portraits (Mark Vieira, Abrams, 1997)
  • Bogie: A Celebration of the Life and Films of Humphrey Bogart (Richard Schickel, 2006)
  • Movie Icons: Humphrey Bogart (Paul Duncan (ed) & James Ursini, 2007)


  • * Humphrey Bogart: The Man and His Films (Paul Michael, Bobbs-Merrill, 1965)
  • Hollywood in the Forties (Charles Higham & Joel Greenberg, Zwemmer, 1968)
  • Hollywood in the Thirties (John Baxter, Paperback Library, 1970)
  • * The Pictorial Treasury of Film Stars: Humphrey Bogart (Alan Barbour, Galahad, 1973)
  • The Movie Makers: Bogart (Allen Eyles, Doubleday, 1975)
  • Bogart: A Definitive Study of His Film Career (Terence Pettigrew, Proteus, 1981)
  • The Censorship Papers: Movie Censorship Letters from the Hays Office, 1934 to 1968 (Gerald Gardner, Dodd-Mead, 1987)
  • * Humphrey Bogart: A Hollywood Portrait (Marie Cahill, Smithmark, 1992)
  • Movie Classics (Allan Hunter, Chambers, 1992)
  • Film Noir: An Encyclopedic Reference to the American Style (Alain Silver & Elizabeth Ward, Overlook, 1992)
  • Classics of the Gangster Film (Robert Bookbinder, Citadel, 1993)
  • Projections of War: Hollywood, American Culture, and World War II (Thomas Doherty, Columbia University, 1993)
  • * The Complete Films of Humphrey Bogart (Clifford McCarty, Citadel, 1995)
  • Warners Wiseguys: All 112 Films That Robinson, Cagney and Bogart Made for the Studio (Scott Allen Nollen, McFarland, 2008)

The African Queen:

  • * The Making of the African Queen: Or How I Went to Africa with Bogart, Bacall, and Huston and Almost Lost My Mind (Katharine Hepburn, Knopf, 1987)
  • Behind the Scenes: The Making of... (Rudy Behlmer, Samuel French, 1990) Includes The Maltese Falcon, Casablanca, and The African Queen


  • * The Film Classics Library: Casablanca (Richard Anobile, Universe, 1974)
  • Woody Allen's Play It Again, Sam (Richard Anobile, Grosset, 1977)
  • You Must Remember This...The Filming of Casablanca (Charles Francisco, Prentice-Hall, 1980)
  • Hollywood Classics: Casablanca (Marie Cahill, Smithmark, 1991)
  • * Round Up the Usual Suspects: The Making of Casablanca - Bogart, Bergman, and World War II (Aljean Harmetz, Hyperion, 1992)
  • Casablanca: Behind the Scenes (Harlan Lebo, Simon & Schuster, 1992)
  • * Casablanca: As Time Goes By - 50th Anniversary Commemorative (Frank Miller, Turner, 1992)
  • The Casablanca Companion: The Movie and More (Jeff Siegel, Taylor, 1992)
  • An A to Z of Casablanca (Mark Fredriksen, Adelphi, 1995)
  • Legendary Love Stories (Peter Guttmacher, MetroBooks, 1997)
  • The Casablanca Companion: The Movie Classic and Its Place in History (Richard E. Osborne, Riebel-Roque, 1997)

The Maltese Falcon:

  • * The Film Classics Library: The Maltese Falcon (Richard Anobile, Universe, 1974)
  • Hollywood Classics: The Maltese Falcon (Marie Cahill, Smithmark, 1991)

Other Movies:

  • The "I" of the Camera: Essays in Film Criticism, History, and Aesthetics (William Rothman, Cambridge University, 1988) To Have and Have Not
  • In a Lonely Place (Dana Polan, British Film Institute, 1993)
  • The Big Sleep (David Thomson, British Film Institute, 1997)


  • Agee On Film: Volume Two (James Agee, Perigee, 1960) The African Queen
  • Casablanca: Script and Legend (Howard Koch, Overlook, 1973)
  • High Sierra (Douglas Gomery, University of Wisconsin, 1979)
  • The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (James Naremore, University of Wisconsin, 1979)
  • To Have and Have Not (Bruce Kawin, University of Wisconsin, 1980)
  • Dark Victory (Bernard Dick, University of Wisconsin, 1981)
  • Film Scripts One: Henry V, Streetcar Named Desire, The Big Sleep (George Garrett, O.B. Hardison, & Jane Gelfman, Irvington, 1989)
  • The Maltese Falcon: John Huston, Director (William Luhr, Rutgers University, 1995)

Original Novels or Plays on Which Films Are Based:

  • Key Largo (Maxwell Anderson, Anderson House, 1939)
  • The African Queen (C.S. Forester, Random House, 1940)
  • The Petrified Forest (Robert Sherwood, Dramatists Play Service, 1962)
  • The Left Hand of God (William E. Barrett, Queens House, 1976)
  • The Caine Mutiny (Herman Wouk, Little Brown, 1979)
  • Sabrina Fair (Samuel Taylor, Dramatists Play Service, 1983)
  • Knock On Any Door (Willard Motley, Northern Illinois University Press, 1989)
  • The Big Sleep (Raymond Chandler, Vintage, 1992)
  • The Maltese Falcon (Dashiell Hammett, Vintage, 1992)
  • The Harder They Fall (Budd Schulberg, Elephant Paperbacks, 1996)
  • To Have and Have Not (Ernest Hemingway, Scribner, 1996)
  • Dark Passage (David Goodis, Prion, 1999)
  • The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (B. Traven, Hill and Wang, 1999)


  • The Women of Warner Brothers: The Lives & Careers of 15 Leading Ladies, with Filmographies for Each (Daniel Bubbeo, McFarland, 2001)
  • Mary Astor: A Life on Film (Mary Astor, Delacorte, 1971)
  • All My Yesterdays: An Autobiography (Edward G. Robinson & Leonard Spigelgass, Hawthorn, 1973)
  • George Raft (Lewis Yablonsky, Mercury House, 1974)
  • June Allyson (June Allyson, Putnam, 1982)
  • Ladies Man: An Autobiography (Paul Henreid & Julius Fast, St. Martin, 1984)
  • Spencer Tracy: Tragic Idol (Bill Davidson, Dutton, 1987)
  • My Days with Errol Flynn: The Autobiography of Stuntman Buster Wiles (Buster Wiles & William Donait, Roundtable, 1988)
  • The House of Barrymore (Margot Peters, Simon & Schuster, 1990)
  • <
  • The Lost One:  A Life of Peter Lorre (Stephen D. Youngkin, University Press of Kentucky, 2005)

Ingrid Bergman:

  • As Time Goes By: The Life of Ingrid Bergman (Laurence Leamer, Harper & Row, 1986)
  • The Complete Films of Ingrid Bergman (Lawrence Quirk, Citadel, 1991)
  • Ingrid Bergman: My Story (Ingrid Bergman & Alan Burgess, Warner, 1995)
  • Notorious: The Life of Ingrid Bergman (Donald Spoto, Harper-Collins, 1997)

Bette Davis:

  • The Lonely Life: An Autobiography (Bette Davis, Putnam, 1962)
  • Mother Goddam: The Story of the Career of Bette Davis (Whitney Stine, Hawthorne, 1974)
  • The Complete Films of Bette Davis (Gene Ringgold, Citadel, 1990)
  • "I'd Love to Kiss You...": Conversations with Bette Davis (Whitney Stine, Pocket, 1990)

Katharine Hepburn:

  • The Films of Katharine Hepburn (Homer Dickens, Citadel, 1973)
  • Me: Stories of My Life (Katharine Hepburn, Ballantine, 1991)
  • Katharine Hepburn: A Portrait of the Actress as Feminist (Andrew Britton, Continuum, 1995)
  • An Affair To Remember: The Remarkable Love Story of Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy (Christopher Anderson, Morrow, 1997)
  • Katharine Hepburn: A Life in Pictures (Diana Harvey & Jackson Harvey, MetroBooks, 1998)


  • The Worlds of Robert E. Sherwood: Mirror to His Times, 1896-1939 (John Brown, Harper & Row, 1965)
  • As Time Goes By: Memoirs of a Writer (Howard Koch, Harcourt, 1979)
  • The Letters of Nunnally Johnson (Dorris Johnson & Ellen Leventhal, Knopf, 1981)
  • BackStory: Interviews with Screenwriters of Hollywood's Golden Age (Pat McGilligan, University of California, 1986)
  • Capote: A Biography (Gerald Clarke, Simon & Schuster, 1988)
  • Dangerous Friends: Hemingway, Huston, and Others (Peter Viertel, Penguin, 1991)
  • BackStory 2: Interviews with Screenwriters of the 1940s and 1950s (Pat McGilligan, University of California, 1997)

Raymond Chandler:

  • The Life of Raymond Chandler (Frank MacShane, Penguin, 1979)
  • Selected Letters of Raymond Chandler (Frank MacShane, Columbia University, 1981)
  • Raymond Chandler and Film (William Luhr, Florida State University, 1991)
  • Raymond Chandler In Hollywood (Al Clark, Silman-James, 1996)
  • Raymond Chandler Speaking (Dorothy Gardiner & Kathrine Walker, University of California, 1997)
  • Raymond Chandler: A Biography (Tom Hinley, Atlantic Monthly, 1997)

William Faulkner:

  • Faulkner and Film (Bruce F. Kawin, Unger, 1977)
  • Faulkner: A Biography (Joseph Blotner, Vintage, 1991)
  • William Faulkner and Southern History (Joel Williamson, Oxford University, 1993)


  • Each Man in His Time (Raoul Walsh, Farrar-Straus-Giroux, 1974)
  • It's a Hell of a Life but Not a Bad Living (Edward Dmytryk, NY Times, 1978) The Caine Mutiny
  • Pictures Will Talk: The Life and Films of Joseph L. Mankiewicz (Kenneth Geist, Da Capo, 1978) The Barefoot Contessa
  • Warner Brothers Directors: The Hard-boiled, the Comic, and the Weepers (William R. Meyer, Arlington House, 1978)
  • Things I Did...and Things I Think I Did: A Hollywood Memoir (Jean Negulesco, Linden, 1984)
  • Francois Truffaut: Correspondence 1945-1984 (Gilles Jacob & Claude de Givray, Noonday, 1988)

Michael Curtiz:

  • Casablanca and Other Major Films of Michael Curtiz (Sidney Rosenzweig, UMI Research, 1982)
  • The American Films of Michael Curtiz (Roy Kinnard & R.J. Vitone, Scarecrow, 1986)
  • The Casablanca Man: The Cinema of Michael Curtiz (James Robertson, Routledge, 1993)

Howard Hawks:

  • Focus on Howard Hawks (Joseph McBride, Prentice-Hall, 1972)
  • Howard Hawks (Robin Wood, British Film Institute, 1981)
  • Howard Hawks, Storyteller (Gerald Mast, Oxford University, 1982)
  • Hawks on Hawks (Joseph McBride, University of California, 1982)
  • Howard Hawks: A Jungian Study (Clark Branson, Capra, 1987)
  • Howard Hawks: American Artist (Jim Hillier & Peter Wollen, British Film Institute, 1996)
  • Who the Devil Made It: Conversations with Legendary Film Directors (Peter Bogdanovich, Knopf, 1997)
  • Howard Hawks: The Grey Fox of Hollywood (Todd McCarthy, Grove, 1997)

John Huston:

  • John Huston: King Rebel (William Nolan, Sherbourne, 1965)
  • The Cinema of John Huston (Gerald Pratley, Barnes, 1977)
  • John Huston: Maker of Magic (Stuart Kaminsky, Houghton Mifflin, 1978)
  • John Huston (Axel Madsen, Doubleday, 1978)
  • John Huston (Scott Hammen, Twayne, 1985)
  • The Films of John Huston (John McCarthy, Citadel, 1987)
  • The Hustons (Lawrence Grobel, Scribner, 1989)
  • Reflections in a Male Eye: John Huston and the American Experience (Gaylyn Studlar & David Desser, Smithsonian Institution, 1993)
  • Perspectives on John Huston (Stephan Cooper, Hall, 1994)
  • John Huston: An Open Book (John Huston, Da Capo, 1994)
  • John Huston's Filmmaking (Lesley Brill, Cambridge University, 1997)

Nicholas Ray:

  • Nicholas Ray: An American Journey (Bernard Eisenschitz, Faber, 1993)
  • I Was Interrupted: Nicholas Ray on Making Movies (Nicholas Ray, University of California, 1993)

William Wyler:

  • William Wyler, the Authorized Biography (Axel Madsen, Crowell, 1973)
  • Billy Wilder in Hollywood (Maurice Zolotow, Limelight, 1996)


  • The Mark Hellinger Story: A Biography of Broadway and Hollywood (Jim Bishop, Appleton, 1952)
  • Starmaker: The Autobiography of Hal Wallis (Hal Wallis & Charles Higham, MacMillan, 1980)

Warner Brothers:

  • My First Hundred Years in Hollywood (Jack L. Warner & Dean Jennings, Random House, 1965)
  • Warner Brothers Presents: The Most Exciting Years - From The Jazz Singer to White Heat (Ted Sennett, Castle, 1971)
  • Warner Brothers (Charles Higham, Scribner, 1975)
  • Here's Looking at You, Kid: 50 Years of Fighting, Working, and Dreaming at Warner Bros. (James Silke, Little-Brown, 1976)
  • The Warner Bros. Story (Clive Hirschhorn, Crown, 1979)
  • Those Crazy Wonderful Years When We Ran Warner Bros. (Stuart Jerome, Lyle Stuart, 1983)
  • The Best of Warner Bros. (Thomas Aylesworth, Gallery, 1986)
  • Inside Warner Bros. (1935-1951) (Rudy Behlmer, Viking, 1986)
  • Clown Prince of Hollywood: The Antic Life and Times of Jack L. Warner (Bob Thomas, McGraw-Hill, 1990)
  • Hollywood Be Thy Name: The Warner Brothers Story (Cass Warner Sperling, Jack Warner, Jr. & Cork Millner, Prima, 1994)

Anecdotes (Short Stories or Comments on Bogart):

  • The Wit and Wisdom of Hollywood (Max Wilk, Atheneum, 1971)
  • The Show Business Nobody Knows (Earl Wilson, Cowles, 1971)
  • Hedda & Louella (George Eells, Putnam, 1972)
  • The Moon's a Balloon (David Niven, Dell, 1972)
  • The Dogs Bark: Public People and Private Places (Truman Capote, Random House, 1973)
  • Women Are My Favorite People (Art Linkletter, Doubleday, 1974)
  • Scarlett O'Hara's Younger Sister: My Lively Life In and Out of Hollywood (Evelyn Keyes, Lyle Stuart, 1977)
  • Dear Muffo: 35 Years in the Fast Lane (Harold Conrad, Stein & Day, 1982)
  • The Hollywood Reporter: The Golden Years (Tichi Wilkerson & Marcia Borie, Coward-McCann, 1984)
  • People Will Talk (John Kobal, Aurum, 1986)
  • His Way: The Unauthorized Biography of Frank Sinatra (Kitty Kelley, Bantam, 1987)
  • An Empire of Their Own: How the Jews Invented Hollywood (Neal Gabler, Anchor, 1988)
  • Movie Talk: Who Said What About Whom in the Movies (David Shipman, St. Martin, 1988)
  • The Ragman's Son: An Autobiography (Kirk Douglas, Pocket, 1989)
  • Louise Brooks (Barry Paris, Knopf, 1989)
  • Bogie & Me: And Other Friends & Acquaintances from a Life in Hollywood & Beyond (Armand Deutsch, Putnam, 1991)
  • The Power and the Glitter: The Hollywood-Washington Connection (Ronald Brownstein, Vintage, 1992)
  • Hollywood at Your Feet: The Story of the World-Famous Chinese Theatre (Stacey Endres & Robert Cushman, Pomegranate, 1992)
  • Behind the Oscar: The Secret History of the Academy Awards (Anthony Holden, Plume, 1993)
  • Jim Murray: An Autobiography (Jim Murray, MacMillan, 1993)
  • Kenneth Tynan Letters (Kathleen Tynan, Random House, 1994)
  • Swifty: My Life and Good Times (Irving Lazar & Annette Tapert, Simon & Schuster, 1995)
  • Frank Sinatra: An American Legend (Nancy Sinatra, General Publishing, 1995)


  • The Great Bogart Trivia Book (Dan Carlinsky, Fawcett Columbine, 1980)
  • Even from the Grave: The Wills and Last Wishes of the Rich and Famous (Herbert Nass, Robson, 1991)


  • The Man With Bogart's Face (Andrew Fenady, Avon, 1977)
  • Hulme's Investigations into the Bogart Script (Zulfikar Ghose, Curbstone, 1981)
  • White Hunter Black, Heart (Peter Viertel, Dell, 1990) Inspired by the making of The African Queen
  • Play It Again (Stephen Bogart, MacMillan, 1994)
  • The Humphrey Bogart Murder Case (George Baxt, St. Martin, 1995)
  • The Burglar Who Thought He Was Bogart (Lawrence Block, No Exit, 1995)
  • As Time Goes By (Stephen Bogart, MacMillan, 1996)
  • The Remake - As Time Goes by (Stephen Bogart, Forge, 1998)
  • As Time Goes By: A Novel of Casablanca (Michael Walsh, Warner, 1998)

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